The Bible and Common Prayer Book Society of the Episcopal Church was founded in New York City by Bishop John Henry Hobart in 1809.  It was originally set up to serve the needs of the Diocese of New York, but through the years the Society’s mission has been expanded to include parishes all around the Episcopal Church.  The Society’s earliest grants were confined to Bibles and Books of Common Prayer, but our ministry has also grown to include The Hymnal and other musical resources such as Wonder, Love and Praise.

Our ministry now also includes worship resources in other languages, most notably Spanish.  We are able to make donations of El HimnarioEl Libro de Oración Común, and Spanish-language Bibles.  We also make the Prayer Book available in French and in Chinese.

Even with all this diversity, the Society exists for a single purpose – to help provide worship materials for worshiping communities.

The Bible and Common Prayer Book Society is an independent charitable organization and our financial resources are entirely limited to past and current donations.  We receive no funds from any other organization.

Because Everyone Deserves Hope

How could you imagine a better future, if you didn't even know what it would look like? If poverty, hunger and fear walked with you every day, how would you visualize getting an education, being part of a stable, loving family or contributing to society?

At El Hogar, we find the most desperate children – the ones on the streets, the ones without enough to eat, the ones at most risk — and show them what a better future looks like. We give them the love, the support and the tools to help make this vision their new reality.

One child at a time, we are planting the seeds of hope for a new, more prosperous Honduras.